Why is it important?

All foodstuffs can be contaminated by pathogenic micro-organisms during the production process or during storage. Some pathogens are infectious and some produce toxins that remain in the product despite thermal treatment.

In the EU, the Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 determines the criteria for the microbiological safety of food products and hygiene criteria along the production chain. The regulation makes microbiological testing mandatory for most meat processors and emphasises the fact that microbiological testing should be integrated into the general quality procedures of food manufacturers by setting up appropriate control plans.

In feed industries, conforming with good manufacturing practices (GMP) has become a standard in many countries. More recently, the GMP +  FSA (feed safety assurance) framework, developed as a response to several microbiological issues, has been increasingly implemented in the industry. This framework encompasses microbiological control plans on raw materials and finished products.

How Upscience can help you?

Upscience is your partner to help you manage microbiological risks. We have developed rapid microbiological analysis methods based on polymerase chain reactions (PCR) to quickly identify and quantify pathogens, to enhance your flexibility and facilitate your decision-making. Our teams can also help you with the implementation of control plans on your production sites.