Because we know that responsiveness is crucial for decision making, we are always innovating in quick testing methods and the speed of service is closely monitored  in our laboratories as it is the main factor driving customer satisfaction.


Quality and reliability

Our laboratories are accredited by: Inmetro, Cofrac, Vilas, Accredia. These accreditations are an acknowledgment of our expertise by an independent third party. However, our commitment to quality is not limited to obtaining and renewing accreditations, we actively participate in AFNOR commissions to evolve laboratory practices. We are also recognised as an expert laboratory with AFNOR Validation to evaluate methods and commercial kits.

Upscience also participates in proficiency testing programmes organised by BIPEA to evaluate and optimise our performance.



Upscience has 60 years of experience in physico-chemical, microbiological and molecular biology analysis. Our teams are composed of highly skilled experts: chemists, biologists, microbiologists with many years of experience in the feed, food, nutraceutical and environmental analysis markets. Our laboratories rely on state-of-the-art equipment, continuous innovation and an investment strategy.