Upscience, specialised in pet food analysis and experts in organic chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology, can assist you in the monitoring of the nutritional performance, your control of nutritional performance and the quality of your products:

  • Evaluate the composition and the authentication of your raw materials
  • Determine the nutritional value of your premix, additives and final products
  • Manage the key aspects of labelling (nutritional values, authentication)
  • Manage the risks of contamination which can affect the quality of your product
  • Enhance new products with specific formula for the development phase
  • Evaluate liposoluble and water-soluble vitamins, amino acid and antioxidant on both finished trace products and concentrated raw materials and premixes.
  • Control standardized liquid chromatography and mass detection (HPLC / MS) techniques for certain trace amounts of vitamins and ion chromatography (IC) for the routine determination of amino acids according to standard NF EN ISO 16634-1. The natural and synthetic antioxidants are mostly analyzed by gas chromatography (GC / Fid) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC / MS).
  • You will find all our accreditations according to ISO 17025 N ° 1- 2335 rev 10 on the site: