Why is it important?

The quality of your raw material is the prime factor influencing the quality of your end product. Using predictive analysis, you can adapt your formula  to control the quality of your finished products.

NIR technology uses the infrared reflection of a material to predict the nature and concentration of the molecules it contains. It provides instant and accurate results on raw material and finished product composition. You can use these results to adapt your formula to ensure your product is consistent over batches.

How Upscience can help you?

With over 25 years of experience in NIR technology, Upscience has developed a range of calibrations to analyse a wide variety of raw materials and finished feeds and foodstuffs. We can assist  you with the implementation of the system on your production site and ensure that your calibrations are updated regularly. We are always working on new calibrations to extend our service offering and we can develop specific calibrations according to your needs.