Why is it important?

Analysing nutritional values allows the nutrient contents of your products to be established or confirmed. This type of analysis can also promote the composition of your products, showcasing their nutritional qualities (fibre content, specific minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, etc.).

National and international regulations have been established to protect and inform the consumer. In recent years, the European Union has reinforced legislation on food and feed labelling. The EU “INCO” (INformation to COnsumer) 1169/2011 regulation has been in effect since 2014 for manufacturers and retailers selling packaged and non-packaged products. This regulation controls labelling for nutritional values, GMOs, allergens,  meat ingredients (species identification) and nutrition and health claims such as “high-fibre”, “source of protein”, “fat-free”, “low calorie”, “source of vitamins”.

Even countries that don’t have specific labelling regulations, remain concerned about the growing demand for traceability and greater product safety and quality.


How Upscience can help you?

Upscience can support you in complying with regulations on nutritional labels and promoting your products both locally and worldwide, offering you all the parameters required and ensuring  that acceptable levels are respected.