Why is it important?

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by various types of fungi. Mycotoxin contamination can occur in the field or during storage. When fungi encounter favorable temperature and humidity levels they multiply and can produce mycotoxins.

Generally, they enter the food chain after contamination of food and feed crops. Cereals are most affected but fruit can also contain mycotoxins. The presence of mycotoxins in food and feed can have an impact on human and animal health as these substances can have many adverse effects on health such as carcinogenic and mutagenic effects and can also cause estrogenic, gastrointestinal and renal disorders.

How Upscience can help you?

Upscience uses accredited analysis methods for all families of mycotoxins. We have chosen the methodology by family, allowing the perfect adaptation to European and international regulations.

We have also developed strip analysis kits that allow a very rapid quantitative analysis of mycotoxins to allow you to make immediate and adapted decisions on your site.