ISO 17 025 audit and assistance in its implementation

ISO 17 025 (General requirements for the competence of analysis and calibration laboratories) is the international standard that all laboratories carrying out analyses and calibrations must meet in order to be recognised as a competent laboratory. Upscience team can support you in the implementation of this standard in your laboratory. We can offer you a comprehensive support package:

  • Audit on-site
  • Complete report
  • Assistance in improvement actions


Continuous improvement of the industrial laboratory

Upscience’s team can help you implement quality systems and standards or rapid methods in your laboratory. We can offer you a comprehensive support package:

  • Purchase of the right production equipment
  • Implementing methods and employee training
  • Methods validation


Proficiency testing program

A proficiency testing programme aims to evaluate laboratory competences, matrix characteristics and methods. At Upscience, the proficiency testing programme seeks to compare different analysis laboratories to evaluate their analytical performance on the same sample. You can become part of our proficiency testing programme that we organise within our network of laboratories. Our programme includes:

  • Sample collection (premix, complete feed, raw material)
  • 3 tests per year (testing 4 samples each time)
  • Complete report, including your results compared with a panel of over 20 accredited laboratories


Water diagnosis system

This diagnosis allows us to validate the conformity of an institution (care home, factory, hotel, hospital, etc.) with respect to existing regulations. The on-site study includes the validation of employee training, control of procedures, the appropriateness of the location of sampling points, etc. This report allows you to know what actions to take to comply with regulations or to control health risks.

Methodical Risk Analysis (AMR) is also carried out by AdGene in compliance with standards and regulations. Validated by the health authorities, it consists of a technical audit of hot water or cooling tower facilities. It details the environmental context of the site. The AMR presents the method used (HACCP) and analyses the areas of action: implantation, design and maintenance.

The service consists of:

  • Conducting an on-site inventory of the sanitary water system (design, operation and maintenance)
  • Provision of a detailed diagnosis report including: plans of the system and layout of the installations (optional), technical modifications to be made, preventive procedures to be implemented, any remarks regarding complementary water regulations (burn/scald risks, codes of practice, water…).
  • A file or healthy tracking file and a surveillance audit completes the programme.