COVID-19 : More information on our business continuity plan

Feed testing

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Our laboratory is committed to its Public Safety mission as a testing laboratory for the feed, pet food and food industry sector. We, therefore, continue to collect, receive and process samples, with a specific organization enabling us to respect French Government rules and at the same time our duty to safeguard security and health of our employee.

In this context, the turnaround time of our analysis is inevitably impacted and so longer than usual. It is the same situation for some of our subcontractors and we have to deplore the temporary closure of the laboratory providing the detection of prohibited substances. We thank you for comprehension on that matter and your patience. We welcome that you keep on sharing with us which testing parameters have to be prioritized.

Please rest assured of the full commitment of our home-office confined teams as well as those who go daily to our laboratory to perform the analysis, to keep on servicing you in those extraordinary circumstances.

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