Upscience is a certified training organisation. We organise training sessions for all the managers in your company (laboratory technicians, quality managers, maintenance technicians)  to help you secure, control and optimise your processes and products.

Upscience offers you:

  • Concise and adapted training modules
  • Inter-company or intra-company sessions

Training sessions for quality managers

Specific training sessions have been created on the following issues:

  • “Training on ISO 17025” : this training course is designed for laboratories undertaking sampling and testing activities. During this training you will become familiar with the requirements of the ISO regulation and the certification process.
  • “Problems with GMOs. Detection strategy and sampling plan”: during this training course, quality and production managers are made aware of GMO regulations and GMO detection strategies. They are introduced to the implementation of GMO control plans.

Training sessions for maintenance technicians

  • “Legionella problems and risk control in aero-refrigerant towers”: maintenance technicians dealing with legionella risk management are trained in the scientific and regulatory dimensions of legionella issues. Participants are given diagnostic tools and corrective methods to control sanitary risks in cooling systems.
  • “Legionella issues and risk control in hot water systems”: maintenance workers and technicians can gain experience in water quality monitoring, preventive and curative actions, and methods to manage the legionella risk in hot water systems.


All training courses are delivered using concrete examples and case studies. A certificate is given at the end of the seminar. We can also train your staff in the use of specific devices such as NIR machines. We can create custom training courses to address your specific needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.